Why the best learners are not the most diligent students ?

I am a hardworking student.
The word “work hard” was often used to describe this kind of child in the past: he did not let go of every detail, he did a lot of learning cards; he worked hard and valued his grades…
that The child is really a worker bee. Under an ordinary small lamp, he was holding a textbook and squinting his eyes…Even if 40 years have passed, it all seems It’s still vivid.
I saw him get up at 5 o’clock early in the morning to study: I ​​was in the second grade of high school, and my stomach was uncomfortable because I hadn’t been able to figure out a lot of “nasty things”, quadratic
Louisiana purchase terms? The United States’ Foreign Aid Act?
The median theorem? The irony analogy used by Eliot? What are these!
Oh, sigh.

| Diligent student’s distress |

Now, all those homework are in the past, and the only thing left is the feeling of sadness. Time is passing fast,
but there are so many things to learn, even more roots I can’t come by, it’s really worrying…
By the way, there is still another feeling left. It is a low-frequency signal, just like the ticking sound of a tap in a basement bathroom.
It takes a long time for you to notice, and that is doubt. The kind of classmates who see those special skills when you get lost and finally come back to the camp are no trouble
When you come back vigorously, the doubts in your heart linger. Like many people, I’ve believed since I was a child that learning is all about self-discipline: along a huge rock of knowledge Shi,
you have to climb up hard and alone until you reach the top of the rock that your smart and capable classmates have already reached.
My motivation for climbing is not so much due to curiosity and It is more accurate to explore the mind than to say that it is because of fear of falling.
This kind of fear has made me such a weird student: in the eyes of my younger siblings, I am a standard model student, with almost excellent homework and full examinations.
However, in the eyes of my classmates, I am equivalent to an invisible person, and I always dare not raise my hand to speak because I am always worried about not learning what I should learn.
For my double person Ge, I do not blame that young self, nor my parents and teachers. How can I blame it? At that time, each of us thought that if you want to learn well, The way is to spur yourself to work hard, just like a puppy pulling a sled in the snow: hard work, hard work! To achieve academic success, work hard
Progress is the only and most important factor.
But isn’t this what I have been trying to do? Why is it wrong? How can I continue like this? I need to try other methods, try different methods and I think there must be some different methods in this world.
I vaguely felt this way for the first time because I met a few classmates who always behaved in algebra and history classes…very cool!
There is always a way to show his best level, and there has never been that kind of panic and helpless look like a captured little beast.
It’s as if someone told them that nothing is needed
I understand it all at once, and some things will naturally be understood after a period of time, and even this specious process itself is very valuable for learning.
However, I really experienced that feeling clearly when I applied for college many years later. Needless to say, going to a prestigious university is my goal for many years,
but Yes, I failed. Ruined. All the applications I submitted to more than a dozen schools were rejected. After so much blood, sweat and hardship,
nothing more than It was a few thin reply letters, and the only place waiting for approval. Then I went to that school, but dropped out after only a year.

What went wrong?

I do not know. Maybe I’m too lofty, maybe I’m not good enough at all, maybe I was “stuffed” by the college entrance examination… I don’t care about what is going on.
Busy and sad, how can those schools not want me. Ah no, it’s worse than not having me, I feel like a big idiot,

being tricked by the so-called self-improvement

I was cheated, and was fooled by some so-called instructors who only know how to collect money. Therefore, after dropping out of school, I readjusted my position and relaxed my requirements.
Slowed down the speed of the sprint.
To borrow Thoreau’s words, it means “relax the room for yourself.” This is not really a grand strategy, after all, I was only
As a half-year-old child, my field of vision is nothing more than the three-foot plot in front of me. Making such adjustments is just a simple intuition, so that I can raise my head again.

Look forward.

Later, I submitted the application documents to the University of Colorado, and attached a self-recommendation letter, and stuffed myself into it with a face.
One is too concentrated During the application period, things became much simpler. Besides, that school was just an ordinary state university, so I was admitted without much effort.
When I came to Boulder, where the University of Colorado is located, I finally lived a little bit. At that time, I used to climb mountains, and occasionally go skating.
I want to try it. If you can sleep in, you can sleep in. If you can take a nap, you can take a nap. Learn from the east and the hammer and the west.
Of course, this does not mean that my campus life is mainly gin and tonic. In fact, I never put down my homework,
but, Homework is finally no longer the core of my life, but only a part of it. In the triangle balance of good and bad,
I became a student, not an ordinary A student, but a student who has a lot of homework load, a student who can allow himself to fail some difficult courses.
This change was neither sudden nor dramatic; there were no alarm bells or angels to sing. This change is natural and gradually.
Forming. In the following many years, I have been thinking about such a problem,
and I believe that many people have this idea: Although I learned piecemeal,
However, my grades are really good; however, is such a study habit really a bad habit? I have been thinking

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