TikTok calls on European associations for moderation

TikTok has just announced that it is calling on outside experts for content moderation in Europe. The platform will draw on child and mental health professionals to form a safety advisory board.

After being pinned down by the Italian authorities, TikTok wants to show off. In the country, access to the social network had been blocked for users who could not prove their age. A decision that followed the death of a girl who had achieved a dangerous challenge on the platform. Since last December, TikTok has also been the subject of a lawsuit in the country, which points to “a lack of attention to the protection of minors” . To meet the expectations of the Italian government in terms of moderation, the Byte Dance subsidiary will call on external and specialized assistance. In a press release, Julie de Bailliencourt, director of content policy at TikTok Europe, explains:“This council will bring together leaders from academia and civil society from across Europe. Each member brings a different and new perspective on the challenges we face. Members will provide subject matter expertise while advising on our content moderation policies and practices. Not only will they help us develop forward-looking policies (…), but they will also help us identify emerging issues that will affect TikTok and our community in the future. “

The platform gives the list of actors who will inaugurate this new council. We find in particular Alex Holmes, director of the non-profit association The Diana Award. He will bring his expertise on issues related to discrimination, access to digital technology and harassment. In France, Justine Atlan, general manager of the e-Enfance association and a lawyer by training, will focus on the themes of digital parenting. This is not the first time that TikTok has taken this kind of approach. In 2020, an American council was launched after the company was singled out by the Trump administration. U.S. lawmakers were concerned about the spread of disinformation on the platform and broader security concerns, such as potential censorship at the behest of the Chinese government.


Source: TechCrunch

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