Samsung should sell its flexible displays to other manufacturers

Samsung Display could soon make the flexible panels of the brand’s folding smartphones available to other manufacturers.


If we omit Samsung, the folding smartphone market is still extremely small, despite a timid excursion by certain manufacturers in the sector, such as Huawei with its Mate XS or Motorola with its RAZR (2019) . Samsung’s devices have indeed a considerable lead, whether it is the Galaxy Z Flip or the latest Galaxy Z Fold 2 . Nevertheless, the use of the flexible screen could soon become more widely available among other manufacturers, thanks, once again, to Samsung. 

According to Korean media ETNews , the screen division of the firm – Samsung Display – could soon sell flexible panels to other manufacturers. The screens of the brand’s folding smartphones are indeed still reserved for Samsung devices only. The brand’s subsidiary nevertheless supplies many competing brands in terms of OLED screens, starting with its biggest rival in the sector: Apple . As ETNews indicates , the Korean manufacturer is said to have planned to sell a million flexible screens to start. This is little, but the folding smartphone market is still a niche and sales are not set to compete with those of conventional smartphones. 

Regarding these screens produced by Samsung Display, we would find a priori two types of slabs. The first would be a screen that folds vertically, like a Galaxy Z Fold 2. The second would fold horizontally, like the Galaxy Z Flip. In all cases, it will be up to the client manufacturers to be inventive in terms of use. In addition, note that according to the information shared by The Elec , Samsung Display would also be developing a third type of sliding type screen, a bit like the astonishing LG Rollable teased during the last edition. of CES. LetsGoDigital even made a preliminary rendering of it as follows: 

Credit: LetsGoDigital


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