Qonto completes its access to mobile payment, the bank adds Google Pay

All Qonto customers will be able to pay from their smartphone via a mobile payment service.

The neo-bank for professionals has just added Google Pay for the compatibility of its bank cards, a few weeks after the arrival of Apple Pay .

For those less familiar with mobile payment applications, Qonto now allows its customers with an Android smartphone

to be able to save their bank card on their phone so that they can pay contactlessly using the NFC chip on our terminal.

Qonto is one of the last neo-banks to offer the compatibility of its cards with mobile payment services.

For many months, in 2020, the establishment was displayed among the next players to offer Apple Pay on the site of the Apple brand.

It will finally have had to wait until 2021, and several dozen weeks after its competitor Manager.one, to see the arrival of Qonto mobile payment.

Of course, not all online banks offer access to Google Pay, but it must be said that several banks favor the French Paylib solution (in decline) that they have been developing together for several years.


Qonto on Google Pay

In a statement, the bank for pros says its cards are available on Google Pay for all smartphones running Android 5.0 or newer. Tablets and smartwatches can also be used to settle a transaction.

Qonto compatibility with Google Pay requires that you update the neo-bank pro app.

Once it’s in the most recent version, just scan your bank card (whether it’s a One, Plus, or X card), then automatically add it to Google Pay.

Subsequently, payments always work the same way for all Android smartphones: a long press on the power button on your smartphone activates the NFC chip.

Your card (or cards) is displayed like this, and all you have to do now is to bring your smartphone to the contactless reader of the store’s payment terminal.

As a reminder, mobile payment does not follow the same policy as contactless payment by credit card.

The legislation assumes that these payments are much more protected than those by contactless card, which do not require any user authentication.

This is why you will be able to settle payments beyond the limit of 50 euros for the contactless bank card.

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