Ik.me, the alternative to Google Drive and Gmail concerned about your privacy

Infomaniak is launching its new Ik.me platform, an alternative to Gmail and Google Drive that respects your privacy. Mail, Cloud, videoconferencing and collaboration, everything is there, in complete security.

If you have been interested in technology for a long time, you are no doubt familiar with Infomaniak. This Swiss company has been a major player in the Internet for more than 25 years, whether in streaming, the Cloud or hosting. In 2021, Infomaniak is launching a new service which aims to compete with GAFAM: ik.me. The objective is simple: to offer the same quality of services, but while guaranteeing respect for the privacy of users.

Webmail allows you to manage your emails, contacts and online appointments. It is easy to synchronize this data on its different devices.

Ik.me is a suite of cloud-based office software and services. It is divided into two main areas: Infomaniak Mail which, as its name suggests, is an email service capable of storing 20 GB of emails. To this box are then attached all the other services, grouped under the name of kDdrive. And they are many.


kDrive makes it easy to work online and synchronize data across all devices. A mobile app is also available.

You will first find the essential word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tool triptych. These documents will either be created directly in the Infomaniak Cloud then exported in all the usual formats… or vice versa from your usual office suite (Microsoft Office, OnlyOffice or LibreOffice). In addition, they can be easily modified in a collaborative way when working with several people via private (by mail) or public (by a link) shares with a comprehensive authorization system.

Last important element, Ik.me also integrates kMmeet, an encrypted videoconferencing service that is so practical in these times when teleworking has become the norm for many companies. Of course, kDrive finally works as an online storage service where you can save whatever you want. The basic offer is free and entitles you to 3 GB, you can go up to 2 TB of storage for a few euros per month and even more depending on your needs.

Obviously you can access it from a PC, Mac or Mobile via the iOS or Android applications. These will also be updated very soon with a whole new experience. By May, a safe feature will arrive to encrypt the folders of your choice with its own encryption key to provide maximum security.

Respect for privacy at the heart

Although Infomaniak offers several services free of charge (swisstransfer.com, kmeet.infomaniak.com, ik.me), these are exclusively financed by its paid products (and not by advertising or the use of user data). In addition, all Infomaniak servers are located in Switzerland to ensure data sovereignty.

The infrastructures are also independent, directly designed and managed by Infomaniak and not by a third party as can sometimes be the case. Hardware independence that is also found at the software level since the latter are developed entirely by them which therefore protects them from large-scale attacks that would be interested in Microsoft technologies for example. As if that were not enough, the code is also regularly audited.

User data is neither analyzed nor shared with third parties. All of these free services are funded by the company’s paid services. It does not seek to make them profitable by going through advertising for example. Rather, they are seen as showcases for Infomaniak, intended to offer everyone a free and secure solution. Finally, independence is also present at the financial level. The company is not listed on the stock exchange, it is owned by its founders and employees and thus does not need to respond to institutional shareholders.


This mastery of the entire value chain also makes it possible to choose partners more freely to promote the local economy and be part of an ecological approach. All of the company’s CO2 emissions are double offset, and 100% of the energy used and certified from renewable sources.


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