How we learn ?

How can I learn better?
Anyone’s advice to you will be the same: take more effort, take more time.
 It’s really frustrating.
If you ask more carefully, then they will give you a series of advice, comparable to the rules of a monastery: there must be a special place for learning, quiet, and strict compliance.
Keep a fixed routine; you can’t let yourself be disturbed, and you can’t have friends, unless they can concentrate on studying with you and no one is playing.
This is not nonsense. Generations of students have followed this practice, and many people have indeed mastered a lot of knowledge and skills.

 Hard work

In other words, it is indeed the most critical element to learn the skills.
But the problem is that everyone has already known this practice, and has done it again and again, but why the effect is different?   From this perspective, these
There is really nothing magical about learning “coups”, it’s nothing more than a cliché asking you to close your eyes and memorize it again. It seems that the absorption of any learning material is similar to piece by piece.
Build brick walls, or dig deep holes one by one.
In fact, you don’t have to work so hard, thank God, you have no other way. Studying science will bring you brand-new ideas, which are greater than the traditional advice based on hard work.
Different. The beauty of this science is that it has a history of one hundred years, it is rigorous and true, complete and specific, allowing you to accurately tailor the genre for different learning content.
For example, if you want to prepare for a foreign language test such as English or Arabic in a few days, the best way is to divide the study time into several small pieces and review today One hour, one hour of review tomorrow, and another hour of review the night before the exam, instead of three consecutive hours of review at one go.

How good is the effect?

The former is better than The latter is twice as good, and you can remember the words you have memorized longer. Also, test yourself, such as self-test with electronic word cards, recite in the mirror, pretend you are old
Teacher, compare vocabulary with friends, etc.,
then your review effect can be better.
This is what you want. Breaking up the learning time, comparing French words learned with friends, etc.,
these things are not only “coupes”, but also based on years of rigor Research-based science is a tool that can help you maximize your foreign language test preparation. These things are not only “technology”,
but also allow you to lay the ground like never before Film foundation: Let you master a learning strategy, a set of specific methods, and learn to make good use of learning time, rather than just emphasize the amount or intensity of learning.

This is just the beginning.


Learning science will also provide you with several targeted strategies, which can be used to practice skills such as music and sports competitions, as well as Used for professional study of mathematics, engineering technology, etc.
For example, you are solving a difficult problem, but your thinking is stuck. Then change your mind, put down the difficult problem and do something else.
Yes, such as browsing Facebook or watching a TV show you like, this is the best way to help you solve the problem. In other words, when it’s time to be distracted Waiting for distraction, this is a good thing, not a bad thing.
Of course, the premise is that you will come back to solve the problem, not get stuck in Facebook.
Procrastination may also be good for you. If you have a big brain-consuming task, you may unconsciously want to postpone it later.
I didn’t want to touch it in the past.
This is a terrible delay.
And the procrastination that works for you is a little bit worse than this:
you have to start the task immediately, even if Just do it for 15 minutes, and then put it aside.
Now that you have started, the brain will start to operate, both in the conscious and subconscious, and start to take the initiative Collect all kinds of relevant information,
not only from the external world, such as the latest research reports, or even what you hear unintentionally, but also from the internal world.
Once the brain When it starts to operate, you will discuss this task with yourself in your heart.
When you sit down again, you will find that you already have a lot of drafts before you know it.
It seems that everyone knows the importance of sleep for learning, but almost no one knows how nap during the day and deep sleep at night can help people deepen their learning, regardless of Are you learning a song, a formula, or a basketball action.
Fundamentally, sleep is a way of learning: it can consolidate the movements you are practicing It can separate the wheat from the chaff and extract the signal from the noise.
Different stages of sleep can consolidate different learning content, which is another one that can be tailored For example, you can consciously adjust your sleep time according to your most urgent needs.
Learning the principles of science seems to be another abstract concept, adding another layer to the mountain of books we need to overcome. Actually otherwise, this principle is easy to grasp,
A 10-year-old child should learn, but unfortunately, people did not do it.
Learning science, also known as cognitive science, was largely confined to The circles of experts and scholars go back and forth, and few people take their scientific discoveries to teachers and students to apply.
But this situation has begun to change, but this change is not fast enough.
Please imagine this: the school was just born yesterday. Classes, homework, exercises, and unified examinations are all new things that have only recently appeared, which lasted only one or two thousand.
year. However, humans have existed for at least millions of years. In this long evolutionary process, we have learned the world in various ways, but these ways are different from just now.
These new things that have emerged do not match. In a sense, we are still savages: we need to adapt to modern life, and we have not really adapted yet.
To accomplish anything, it is necessary to be able to endure hardship.
But learning science has given us an indisputable new perspective: if there really are the most ideal learners,
Then he must not learn according to traditional advice, on the contrary, he should be very relaxed and good at learning eclectic.
When studying, you should not only let your friends come to you,
but they can also be your essential help.
There are many bad things that you think are actually helpful Good things for you to learn.

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