Android 12: here’s the novelty that could boost your productivity

New rumors are circulating about Android 12. According to them, the next version of the OS from Google could include a feature that makes it easier to use smartphones with one hand.

Normally, the final version of Android 12 will not be released until the second half of 2021. However, it is very likely that Google will release a preview version of this new version of its operating system very soon.

As a reminder, the previews are unstable versions but which allow developers to familiarize themselves with the new features of the operating system. At the same time, thanks to these previews, the general public can have a preview of these novelties.


In any case, while waiting for the first preview of Android 12, some rumors are already circulating about this new version of the Google OS. For example, this week, the XDA site is raising the possibility of Android 12 including a feature that will make it easier to use with one hand.

A problem that happened with XXL screens

A few years ago, most smartphones had reasonably sized screens, which were easy to operate with one hand. But little by little, the sizes of smartphone screens have grown. And on most models, one-handed operation has become complicated.

To overcome this problem, many brands have created features that allow the user to operate the OS as well as the apps with one hand. This usually involves only using part of the screen, so all buttons are easy to reach with your thumb.


The image below, for example, which was posted by our colleagues at XDA, shows the one-handed interface offered by the ASUS brand on one of its smartphones.

In essence, many Android smartphone brands already offer a solution for those who want to use their smartphones with one hand. This can be very practical, for example, when you are in transport.


However, there is no official Android functionality for one-handed use yet. But the good news is that that could change with Android 12, according to XDA.

According to the site, Google intends to integrate this functionality into the Android Open Source project. And because of this, in addition to better harmonization, it would allow brands that have not yet developed an interface for use with one hand to take advantage of the functionality of the Android open source project. However, we do not know if this feature will be mandatory for all manufacturers.

Wifi password sharing, new API for video games, and new interface for notifications?

Otherwise, among the other rumors regarding Android 12, there is one suggesting that Google might come up with a new feature to make it easier to share WiFi passwords. Currently, when you want to share your WiFi password with a guest, the easiest way is to generate a QR code in the settings and ask the invitee to scan this code.


But with Android 12, the operating system could allow you to share your password through the Nearby Share feature. As a reminder, Nearby Share is the equivalent of AirDrop for the Android ecosystem.

Google is also reportedly working on a new feature that should improve the gaming experience, thanks to better vibration support for video games. In essence, the idea would be to allow developers to control the amplitude of vibrations generated by their video games through a new API.


On the other hand, a new interface would be in the pipeline for notifications. In any case, this is what is suggested by documents that were shared a few days ago by our colleagues at XDA. These documents also show a new indicator that will allow the user to know when an app is using their microphone and / or their camera, which would be a plus in terms of privacy.

But of course, for the moment, this information is not official. And caution is always in order while waiting for the release of the first preview of Android 12.


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