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    Containment advice: in the heart of the Neapolitan Camorra in Gomorra on MyCanal

      To support you during the reconfinement, Les Numériques is scrutinizing the video platforms. Tonight, departure for southern Italy, but not really for a relaxing holiday. We look at the Neapolitan Camorra in Gomorra on MyCanal. Containment continues, and with it our evening suggestions. As a reminder, it is the digital journalists who take turns advising you every day on a film, series, documentary, concert or sports event available on a video platform, paid or free, in France. Enough to occupy those long evenings, alone, in pairs, with roommates or with family, and spend this long and gloomy autumn in the best possible conditions.   Gomorra on MyCanal This evening,…

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    Snapdragon 888: why its Spectra 580 image processor is a revolution

    Capable of swallowing 2.7 gigapix / s, the new image processor integrated into the Snapdragon 888 is not only the most powerful in history, but it also brings new features such as an image authentication system. It’s a little chip that will make image lovers salivate. Embedded in Qualcomm’s new high-end processor, the Snapdragon 888 , there is a small space crammed with transistors organized into a unit that responds to the enigmatic name of Spectra 580. A “chip” in the chip, which is responsible for driving the photo and video functions of the system-on-a-chip .   Last year, the Spectra 480 had already hit the headlines with the astronomical…

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